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Frequently Asked Questions

Our model is simple – we focus on the learning experience as much as the exercise. Accomplishment leads to empowerment which transforms into success. We work best with people who simply don’t know where to start. Our clients enjoy our exclusive service and knowledge based approach. Often our clients aren’t comfortable in typical gym environments and have experienced limited success.
Seven out of 10 beginners who join gyms cancel within the first three months citing one of the following reasons for leaving:

  1. Too intimidating.
  2. They didn’t care.
  3. I felt self-conscious.
  4. No one helped me.
  5. I wasn’t seeing results.
  6. Child care was expensive.
  7. Traveling, parking, changing and waiting for equipment was becoming too time consuming.
  8. I couldn’t motivate myself to leave the house.
  9. I wasn’t engaged or having fun.

Where permitted, we will work with you in your Fitness Centre or Condo Gym to ensure that you are comfortable, achieving results and seeing value for your gym fees.

Your goals should determine the most appropriate exercise with each choice having inherent strengths and benefits. For example, yoga promotes flexibility, Zumba is fun and energetic and running helps improve the cardiovascular system. Research demonstrates however that the most effective way to look better – lose fat, strengthen and tone muscle, is a combination of proper resistance training and nutrition.
You will feel a difference fairly quickly – usually within a month, some say within 1-2 weeks. You will see a difference soon after. Others will notice a difference soon after that. (After 40, women typically lose more than 7 pounds of muscle per decade and gain at least that much in body fat. Resistance training can build 4 pounds of muscle in only 8 weeks!)
Absolutely! Private and semi-private clients are more than welcome to bring their children to sessions free of charge. Please chat with us to ensure that you and your child receive the best possible experience.
Experience, credentials and credibility are baseline requirements however just as important is the connection between the trainer and the client. Do they listen? Do they motivate you? Do they emote the right tone? Do they respect your pace and ability? Your trainer should make you feel comfortable and inspired. First and foremost your Trainer needs to satisfy you as a customer.
At KR we use modern, commercial grade GTS Gravity equipment among other functional resistance tools to enhance your full body workout. Each client works individually on their own private unit for exceptional results. The versatility of GTS allows beginners to train beside experienced exercisers with both enjoying an effective, customized workout. Purchase options are also available for those who wish to exercise in the comfort of their home.
Believe it or not many people feel they need to lose weight before they join a gym. We start right where you are. Everyone starts at the beginning and everyone’s beginning is different. Our biggest reward is watching you discover success.
With years of experience in the fitness industry, we’ve separated ‘what works’ from ‘what’s popular’ to ensure that you make the best use of your time. We have the why, the what and the how. If you want research we can provide that too.
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