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Wouldn’t it be great to have a trusted friend guide and coach you to a healthier lifestyle? A friend that understands your frustrations and challenges? A friend that is not only qualified but willing and available to chat by phone whenever you need a helping hand?        

KR Online Coaching is that trusted friend.

Online Coaching is an affordable way to experience health and wellness support at a fraction of the private studio rate. With over 30 years in the fitness field, we specialize in working with Boomers, gym-phobics and clients who haven’t achieved their goals through other means.

The key to effective coaching comes from understanding the fundamentals of change. Anyone can prescribe exercise. At KR, we focus on trust, support, accountability and comfort.

Every month you receive an updated tailor-made exercise plan with descriptive videos, specific to your exercise location and budget. In between we monitor your progress and connect by email, phone or skype to ensure you are on the right track. 

Unlike quick fix apps and other more tech focused coaching services, KR maintains a limited, client base. This way we can pay special attention to your individual needs.


Becoming Strong

Hours on the treadmill is not the answer and gym environments can be very intimidating. The best exercise program is the one you are prepared to do.

A motivated exerciser is a successful one. KR plans are specifically designed with your individual ability and readiness in mind.

Proven KR methods along with the ongoing support of your Coach helps you drop unwanted pounds, gain strength and improve function.


Weight Loss Coaching

Macronutrients? Micronutrients? Calorie counting?

At KR we are less concerned about weighing and counting and more focused on making sustainable, healthy choices.

Trips to the grocery store, eating on the go and celebrating with friends all involve challenging food decisions. We work closely with clients, empowering them to develop the skills it takes to balance smart eating with enjoyment.

Knowing calorie counts is of little value if you are unable to manage day to day cravings and behaviors.


Ongoing Support

The key to success is accountability. With no one watching, we find excuses to skip workouts and choose food that conflicts with our goals.

Yes, you will slip up from time to time. Getting past the occasional quart of ice cream or missed workout(s) is an important part of the process. Learning from mistakes strengthens resilience and moves you forward.

If it was easy you would already be doing it!   

Thirty years of experience has taught us to understand the triggers that motivate change and derail best efforts. Your KR Coach keeps you inspired and on track throughout your journey. We use technology as a tool to support your transformation, not as the focus.   

Kneifel Robinson also offers private visits in our boutique studio for local clients.

Let’s keep things simple!

Step One

Review our Coaching Packages, select your best fit and complete the step by step registration process. Not sure which Package to pick? Send us an email at info@krpersonaltraining.com or give us a call at 780-243-0885.

Step Two

Determine a convenient workout location - home gym, local gym or condo. Still a little lost? No worries! We can assist with commercial gym selection and affordable home exercise equipment decisions.

Step Three

KR Trainers will start building your custom exercise program. Let's get started!

Coaching Packages

Standard Plan Starter Package


Per Month
  • Basic exercise plan adjusted monthly
  • Weekly email support
  • Helpful demonstration videos for each exercise
  • Helpful videos, blogs, tips and recipes

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Premier Package Best Results


Per Month
  • Customized exercise plan for home and gym adjusted monthly
  • Weekly 30 minute calls or skype sessions with your trainer*
  • Unlimited email and text support
  • Helpful demonstration videos for each exercise
  • Customized weight loss success coaching
  • Helpful videos, blogs, tips and recipes
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*Additional 30 minute coaching sessions are available for $59 per session. Local clients are welcome to purchase private in-studio sessions at our regular rates.

Frequently Asked Questions


Email us at info@krpersonaltraining.com or give us a call at 780-243-0885.